We worked with the Caronport Recreation Board to deliver a website that provides an intelligent and intuitive online registration and payment process for a wide variety of community programs, and that will serve as a major communication tool for the community. The website features mobile-friendly responsive design, custom tools for program coordinators and promoters, and a self-service members area to empower parents and individuals to manage their own registration data.

The website's registration system is hierarchical, offering a set of administrative controls allowing program coordinators to set up new programs in minutes, while being able to capture program-specific registration data as well. Much of a person's registration information is saved in a "registrant" profile, which can be used from program to program, year to year, rescuing the individual user from the redundant work of re-entry.

A custom cart gathers the user's registrations, which can be sent to PayPal for payment, or marked for manual payment if a user would rather pay by cheque (which is an important option in the Rec Board's local context). Payment information is stored and offered to the user as transaction records and invoices in the member account for easy access.

The website's custom content management system takes the work out of tracking payments by automatically flagging anything that needs attention.

It was a fun challenge to develop a sophisticated system that is very easy to use for program coordinators, administrators, and community members alike.

Working with Luke has made all the difference in the world. We have seen an amazed reaction to our registration capabilities for our recreation programs. I am proud of the professional and accountable way we are able to work with our coordinators and participants.

— Loree Buck (Caronport Recreation Board)

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